Course Details

Course: Fat Burn


Teacher: LING
Date: 2019-10-25
Time: 19:30
Duration: 45 mins
Class Guideline:
- Members should arrive at least 5mins before your class start. Please do not enter the studio if classes already start for 15mins.
-Please inform your instructor if you have any disease, uncomfortable or period.
-Do not join dance class if you are pregnant. 
-Please wear sport wear and sport shoes when you join dance class. 
-Please keep the classroom clean and use water bottle. 
-Please do not take your mobile phone into the studio. 
-Eat lightly or not at all for 2-3 hours before start the dance class. 
-Please keep the silent and do not get inside or outside without teacher’s approval. 
-Make sure to keep hydrated by drinking water both before and after the class. 
-Reservations under our regular procedure are requested. 
-Dancing Fit is authorized to any changes without prior-notice.